Stakeholder Collaboration

The Alliance is commited to working with stakeholders to ensure not only healthy oceans into the future but ethical engagement of people – including ethical employment and providing products that are healthy and deliver what they say.  We are steadfast in our long-term commitment to best science practices, to ecosystem management, to being ethical employers, and to the communities where we work.


This commitment is the core of our group – and the core of our companies, winning us awards year after year from the Center on Philanthropy in Mexico.  We want to do the right thing, we want to listen, and we will report openly, transparently and regularly on our fishery.

We invite stakeholders to collaborate -and to contact us. We are always here to listen. We also have formal roles for stakeholders as part of a strategy to work in collaboration with civil society.

Related to our sustainability plan:  The Alliance intends to set up strong Scientific and Stakeholder Groups, to advise us on improvement of our fishery. These Groups will ensure we are tapping the best scientists in our field and also continuing our strong leadership position as a fair employer and good community citizen. We invite interested parties to contact us to participate.