Our Approach

The Pacific Alliance is committed to managing our fishery so it remains diverse and productive, ensuring the sustainability of our fishery today and for future generations.

International Standards

We are committed to following international sustainable fishing practices, including those standards set forth by the IATTC (Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission) and the AIDCP (Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program), among others. We are proud that the AIDCP has been awarded the Margarita Lizárraga Medal by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization for our application of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries through the rigorous steps we have taken to protect marine mammals and other marine life.

Transparency and Accountability – 100% Coverage by Independent Observers

For 20 years, our fishery has been dedicated to transparency and accountability. We are proactive in managing our fishery sustainably and have welcomed 100% independent observer coverage of all of our vessels. Each one of our fishing vessels has an independent observer onboard to ensure that we continue to follow sustainable practices. We have also uniquely embraced the full participation of environmental non-governmental organizations in virtually all aspects of the AIDCP, including everything from the review of observer reports to the multilateral discussions on resource management and capacity management.


We will continuously strive to improve our management. As a next step, we are pursuing an assessment with SCS Global Services, with the goal of demonstrating that tuna catch by the Pacific alliance members is from an MSC certified sustainable fishery.

We are committed to the conscientious and careful stewardship of our fishery to ensure that future generations will enjoy and benefit from healthy natural resources.