Procesa is a company founded by young entrepreneurs, Alejandro Chaljub and Mauricio Pariente, in 2006. With a passion for innovation, Procesa is dedicated to transforming lives through nutrition by processing and packaging tuna in its plant in Puerto Chiapas, where they help the community by employing men and women in the nearby rural areas.

Procesa has approximately 520 employees between its production plant in Chiapas and its corporate office in Mexico City. In 2010, Procesa decided to broaden its company’s production and vision by including fishing operations. With the acquisition of two fishing vessels, Victoria and Jaguar, Pesca Chiapas was born.

Pesca Chiapas employs 50 crew members, 4 divers and 12 professional administrative staff members in Ensenada, Mexico. 100% of this business is based on sustainable tuna fishing. The finished product is high quality yellowfin tuna in a convenient pouch.