Herdez del Fuerte

Herdez del Fuerte Group is a leader in the food manufacturing industry, dedicated to the processing of many products including sauces, purees, moles and tuna. Herdez del Fuerte has approximately 6,000 employees at six plants and eight distribution centers strategically located throughout Mexico.

An important part of Herdez del Fuerte’s strategy is a commitment to social responsibility and a focus on improving the environmental performance through the efficient use of resources. The company has consistently achieved the Corporate Social Responsibility certificate for the past few years.

The tuna operation is concentrated in Tapachula, Chiapas where our 800-employee plant processes 100 tons of tuna per day. There Herdez del Fuerte has a dock with a yard to support the fishing fleet operations. In addition, Herdez del Fuerte has offices and freezing facilities in Mazatlan to support our operations in Tapachula.

The fishing fleet operates under the corporate name of HERSEA S.A. de C.V. and has seven vessels (Nair, Arkos I, Chiapas, Nair II, Bonnie, Conquista, Cartadedeces and Nair III). These vessels employ a workforce of 160 crew members, 20 administrative members and a port support team of more than 50 workers.