One Ocean, One Allianceby Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tunafebrero 19th, 2015

One Ocean, One AllianceSeventy one percent of the earth is water and the oceans provide not only an income and livelihood, but also a primary protein source to millions of people. This is why it is critical that we implement sustainable fishing practices that will ensure the health and future of fishing. The Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna was created to bring together a group of leading fishing companies that are bound together by our broad vision for sustainability. We are committed to caring for our natural resources for today and tomorrow. Together, we work to continually improve our fishing practices and align with the global standards for long-term sustainable fishing.

We know that many fisheries around the globe are under- or unregulated. This results in poor fishing practices that damage ecosystems and put fish stocks and other marine life in jeopardy. As stewards of the ocean in which we fish this is something we are very concerned about.

The Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna represents the collective voice of tuna fishers who are dedicated to promoting and advancing sustainable fishing practices for yellowfin and skipjack tuna. In the coming months, we are opening our fishery to evaluation forMarine Stewardship Council certification. We are pursuing this certification to ensure that we are holding ourselves to the highest international scientific standards.

We hope that you will find this blog (which we call “School of Thought”) interesting. In the coming months we will feature posts from scientists, fishery experts, environmentalists, and even captains of our fishing vessels. We hope to educate and inform you about our sustainable fishing practices and what it means to our industry. If you have any comments or would like us to feature specific content, please contact us at