Championing Public Participation in Mexican Fisheriesby Mariana Ramos, Executive Directoragosto 26th, 2016

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Causa Natura here in Mexico City, a group that is working together to promote public policies that support the sustainable management of natural resources and social welfare of the country, through applied research, information, and capacity building of citizens and public and private institutions. We share these important goals with them.

As part of the MSC certification, we intend to implement an ambitious Sustainability Action Plan that includes efforts to improve the international and national regulation, management, and oversight of the fishery.  We are pleased to work alongside groups that are already working on this important topic.

We are pleased to join into these efforts. In Mexico, there is progress to building public participation already.  The Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Senate of the Republic, in coordination with the federal government, international organizations and support civil society organizations, sponsored the First Forum to Strengthen Social Participation in Fisheries Public Policy in January of 2016. The goal of the forum – which gathered approximately 140 participants from the fisheries, government, legislative, academic and civic sectors – was to analyze the current situation, opportunities and major challenges to achieve effective social participation in fisheries research and management, in order to define specific proposals for legislative reforms that strengthen.

As a result of the forum have these 10 proposals for change, which we submit for your consideration. BarcoAbierto invited all to share opinions on those proposals for change through their website. They are evaluating the survey results during August – and the sessions are open to all interested parties.

We also invite all NGOs and parties interested in working with the Alliance on transparency and public participation matters to contact us.

We will keep you updated on progress on these conversations.