Reflections on 2017by Communications Team at the AllianceDecember 30th, 2017

This year has been challenging, fun, and exciting.

Our team has worked tirelessly for the past 2+ years on ensuring that our fleet not only meets the MSC standard but strives to maintain it into the future, with plans for continuous improvement.

We have worked tirelessly this year to open our fishery to the scrutiny of scientists and stakeholders, with the intent to continue to advance and improve our sustainability… and the sustainability of the oceans.

We have gathered information, invited 100% transparent observation, worked on reports, spoken with reporters,and consulted widely with international and national experts to create a Sustainability Action Plan (which we invite you to read in full 70+page detail!) that thoughtfully documents our commitments for 2018 and beyond.

It has been a year of long hours of work, of opening our ourselves to criticism, and of great scientific rigor to design a way forward for our industry — that attends not only to our science-based sustainability goals but also to the sustainability goals of stakeholders.

We’re proud of the work this year. And of the partnerships forged, one of which is with the Environmental Defense Fund in Mexico. EDF has constantly held us to task, pushed us to take on new commitments, and encouraged us to do more.

So we’re especially happy to see this as the end of a year of big investments in, and big commitments to, sustainability of the oceans in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks to EDF for the scrutiny and willingness to work on advancing Mexican fisheries, for a better future for Mexico and Mexican families, and for a better 2018 and beyond.

We look forward to a successful, sustainable 2018 for all! We look forward to working with you next year!