Next Step toward Certification of Our Sustainably Caught Tunaby Mariana Ramos, Executive DirectorJune 22nd, 2017

Today, the MSC published the next step of our MSC certification process: the Independent Adjudicator (IA) who is presiding over the objection process of the Alliance’s Northeastern Tropical Pacific purse seine yellowfin & skipjack tuna fishery announced her decision on the content of the Final Draft Report, a report which includes the comprehensive, independent scientific assessment of the fishery.

With no objections to the Alliance’s free school fishing operations, the decision to certify the Alliance’s free school fishing will be forthcoming. Related to other units of assessment, the IA decided to remand the assessment report, by requesting the team of scientific experts at SCS Global Services, known as the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), to provide clarifying information and issue updated scoring for new matters that were raised in the hearing but had not been raised in the objection.

The IA rejected the objections raised in the Notice of Objection; but requested that the CAB review a matter that was not raised in the original objection, based upon a procedural interpretation.

We view this decision very positively. The remand provides an opportunity for the fishery to further demonstrate our full compliance with the MSC standard.”

The CAB now has 10 working days to respond to the IA’s decision, during which they will highlight the information that addresses the IA’s request for clarification.

The process has been an expected one to date. The science-based stakeholders that understand the fishery did not object, given their understanding of the actual science and the fishery.

Our fishery is a best practice fishery that is sustainable; we are proud of our unique focus on protecting the entire marine ecosystem, including juvenile tuna, sharks, rays, turtles and dolphins.