Atuna’s America’s Conference: Please join us in Panama in Feb!January 1st, 2018

This year our Executive Director, Mariana Ramos, will be presenting at the Americas Tuna Conference 2018 (AMAtuna2018), a two-day tuna industry event that will take place in Panama City, Panama on February 22nd and 23rd.

The conference, which brings together the major tuna industry players and stakeholders, will be centered on the theme:

“Shifting Powers In The Tuna Industry Landscape”

Mariana will present:

Will MSC Make Dolphin Safe Redundant?

Mariana will give a first-hand account of the pressure faced over fishing in association with dolphins despite a record of over 20 years of protecting dolphins, and being the only commercial-scale fishing practice which protects tuna stocks, has 100% independent observation and protects the ecosystem.

Fishing in association with dolphins, when regulated, is one of the most ecologically selective fishing techniques for commercial tuna.

Ramos is joining a growing list of industry experts who will take the stage at the two-day event in Panama on February 22-23. Don’t miss your chance to gain valuable insider knowledge on a range of pressing issues; book your place for AMAtuna2018 now by visiting here:

Highlights from the agenda include:

These are some of the topics that will be addressed by expert speakers during this 2nd edition:

  • Is The Power Of US Big Three Brands Fading?
  • The Impact On The Americas’ Supply Of Seiner Fleets Shifting From WCP To EPO
  • Will Asian Investment In Latin Tuna Brands Change The Industry Landscape
  • The Increasing Dominance Of Tuna Resource Owners On The Supply Chain
  • Are FIPs Becoming The New Sustainability Standard?
  • Is MSC The Emerging Tuna Industry Standard That Will Replace Dolphin Safe?
  • Microplastics To Selenium: Shifting Away From Fear Towards Health Benefits
  • Shifting Towards An Economically Viable Model For Catch And By–Catch Reduction
  • The Successful Rise & Future Of Family Owned Tuna Companies
  • How To Reach Sustainable Tuna Fisheries?

We hope you’ll join!