The Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna’s membership includes like-minded companies fully committed to thoughtful and careful stewardship of the Northeastern Tropical Pacific Purse Seine Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna Fishery good fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices.

  • Grupomar

    Grupo Maritimo Industrial (Grupomar) is a family of vertically integrated companies operating in the maritime, fisheries, and food sectors in Mexico. Our team of 2,000+ (and growing) individuals work collaboratively within these companies.

    We have been operating longer than any other tuna fishing company in Mexico, having been in business since 1980. We are dedicated to being leaders in commercial fishing, port activities and food processing, and we market our consumer products both nationally and internationally. We are proud to say that we have the most efficient tuna fleet in Mexico.

    As an organization we are also committed to working to achieve the highest quality and competitiveness standards, generating value for shareholders, customers and suppliers — all that while protecting and respecting our environment, and always in compliance with local and international standards for resource conservation.

  • Herdez del Fuerte

    Herdez del Fuerte Group is a leader in the food manufacturing industry, dedicated to the processing of many products including sauces, purees, moles and tuna. Herdez del Fuerte has approximately 6,000 employees at six plants and eight distribution centers strategically located throughout Mexico.

    An important part of Herdez del Fuerte’s strategy is a commitment to social responsibility and a focus on improving the environmental performance through the efficient use of resources. The company has consistently achieved the Corporate Social Responsibility certificate for the past few years.

    The tuna operation is concentrated in Tapachula, Chiapas where our 800-employee plant processes 100 tons of tuna per day. There Herdez del Fuerte has a dock with a yard to support the fishing fleet operations. In addition, Herdez del Fuerte has offices and freezing facilities in Mazatlan to support our operations in Tapachula.

    The fishing fleet operates under the corporate name of HERSEA S.A. de C.V. and has seven vessels (Nair, Arkos I, Chiapas, Nair II, Bonnie, Conquista, Cartadedeces and Nair III). These vessels employ a workforce of 160 crew members, 20 administrative members and a port support team of more than 50 workers.

  • Pesca Azteca

    Pesca Azteca is the fishing fleet of Grupo PINSA, the largest tuna company in Latin America, covering all segments from fishing to the consumer’s plate. Born in 1984 from a combination of Vision, Passion and Respect for the Ocean, Pesca Azteca is now the largest tuna fleet in Latin America with 20 purse seiners all operating under the strictest and most sustainable practices of the industry.

    Based in Mazatlan, Pesca Azteca boasts more than 1,000 employees, all proud of providing customers in Mexico and the World high quality tuna. Pesca Azteca and the other subsidiaries of Grupo PINSA all operate under the most socially responsible standards and strive to provide the best working environment for everyday more and more people.

  • Procesa

    Procesa is a company founded by young entrepreneurs, Alejandro Chaljub and Mauricio Pariente, in 2006. With a passion for innovation, Procesa is dedicated to transforming lives through nutrition by processing and packaging tuna in its plant in Puerto Chiapas, where they help the community by employing men and women in the nearby rural areas.

    Procesa has approximately 520 employees between its production plant in Chiapas and its corporate office in Mexico City. In 2010, Procesa decided to broaden its company’s production and vision by including fishing operations. With the acquisition of two fishing vessels, Victoria and Jaguar, Pesca Chiapas was born.

    Pesca Chiapas employs 50 crew members, 4 divers and 12 professional administrative staff members in Ensenada, Mexico. 100% of this business is based on sustainable tuna fishing. The finished product is high quality yellowfin tuna in a convenient pouch.