Guiding Principles for Our Fishery

  1. Our privilege to fish is carried out with the obligation to do so in a manner that ensures the proper management and sustainability of all living marine species.
  2. We fish with methods and technologies that minimize harm to the marine ecosystem, prevent the capture of any non-tuna species and allow for the safe release of non-tuna species.
  3. We abide by all rules and regulations established under the AIDCP and our national laws in the course of fishing.
  4. We recognize and respect the role of independent scientific observers aboard our vessels to further our primary objective of ensuring the sustainability of our fishery for this and future generations.
  5. We commit to ongoing training and education of all crew members to employ evolving best practices for fishing in a manner that minimizes our impact on the marine ecosystem.
  6. All aboard this vessel, including captain, fishing technician and crew, commit to constant vigilance to ensure a safe, healthy and fair working environment.
  7. We ensure that all safety equipment, nets and other gear required to ensure the safe release of dolphins and other marine species are always maintained in good working condition and employed in a manner dictated by our training and best practices.
  8. We abide by all established procedures to ensure that the fish we capture and take on board is handled in a manner that minimizes waste and maintains the nutritional value, quality and safety of the products that are ultimately produced.
  9. All aboard are trained and pledge to comply with all rules and regulations concerning protection of the marine environment, including controls against discharges and solid waste releases.
  10. The owner of this vessel provides the necessary oversight of vessel staffing and operations to ensure the ability of the captain and crew to implement and fulfill their obligations under these guiding principles. Any crew member who fails to comply with these guiding principles will be sanctioned accordingly.