Heritage Month in Mexico

In Mexico’s month of patrimonio, we are proud we can contribute to our community and can invest to protect our oceans through our MSC sustainability plan.
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Full Employee Engagement in Sustainability

Our people drive sustainability across our full businesses – from captains and crew that are rigorously trained to lead operationally – to committed executives – to building a culture of sustainability in our offices, we are 100% dedicated to environmental leadership.

Our Focus on Healthy Environments and Strong Communities

Our founding members are leaders in corporate social responsibility, dedicated to continued leadership in sustainability, to positively contributing to the long-term well-being of the communities where we live and work, and to being responsible, ethical employers.

Healthy Oceans

Our “Sustainability Action Plan” puts our money where our mouth is – planning out 5 years of comprehensive sustainability measures to promote the protection of the marine environment.

Big Commitments to Protect Sharks and Rays

Together with expert organizations in Mexico, the Alliance is spearheading a new program for 100% shark protection – focused on Zero Retention, Zero Mortality Goals Set for Sharks and Rays

Dolphin Protection

We proudly participate in International Dolphin Conservation Program, the only dolphin conservation program with 100% independent observation and verification and winner of a United Nations award for “unqualified success”.

Ethical Employment

We have always been dedicated to leading the way in ethical employment in our industry – and believe people are at the center of all good sustainability action.

Mexican Tuna

Mexican Tuna is Ocean-Safe. It is one of the most sustainable sources of tuna in the world, leads on shark and ray protection globally, supersedes the standards of the US Marine Mammal Protection Act, is dolphin safe according to the only dolphin conservation program that has 100% observer coverage, the International Dolphin Conservation Program, and fished ethically with safe, […]

Continuous Improvement

We continue to improve our fishing practices to ensure the viability of the fishery.
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    100% Observer Coverage

    100% Observer Coverage

    Our fishery is the most observed in the world with 100% independent observer coverage of all of our vessels.

    Responsible Fishing

    Responsible Fishing

    We want to be a conscientious and careful steward of our oceans so we can provide an important food source today and in the future.

    Critical Industry for Mexico

    Critical Industry for Mexico

    Providing over 1B USD to the Mexican economy, livelihoods to over 30,000 families, and contributing to our National Crusade Against Hunger.